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How to Bypass google Account Verification on android Phone & Tablets

We have the best way to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android phones & Tablets. If you have any locked phone you can follow this article and follow all the steps with your device and get fix your phone and tablet. There are many ways to bypass or remove google account verification on phones and Tablets.

Steps to Bypass Google Account verification

  1. Grab your Android LG phone.
  2. From your Phone Home screen, tap the MenuApps icon.
  3. From the Apps tab, tap Settings.
  4. Tap on Accounts option.
  5. Then, Tap on Google.
  6. Then, Tap on Account
  7. Tap on the right top Menu (located in the upper-right).
  8. Tap on Google account.
  9. Tap Remove account.
  10. Tap OK.
  11. Gmail account has been Removed from android, to use android phone Add New Account.

Source: Bypass Google Account or Gmail Verification From Android Phone

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